Review of In Your Silence

Was it crazy to miss someone when you didn't even know their name? In Your Silence by Grace Lowrie.

Massive thanks to Julie of Bookish Jottings for this wonderful review:

A book that will get under your skin and hold you in thrall from start to finish, In Your Silence is an outstanding tale from a fabulously talented writer who takes chances and pushes the envelope with every book she writes: Grace Lowrie.

Liam had been left reeling from the sudden and unexpected end of his relationship. Shocked and flabbergasted and with his personal life in tatters, work is the only thing that Liam has got. He cannot afford to allow himself to dwell over this one-sided break-up and with the best cure for a broken heart being hard work, Liam plans to throw himself into his job and focus all of his time, energies and efforts into restoring the neglected grounds of Wildham Hall for its owner Gregory Sinclair. Having barricaded his heart behind an impenetrable wall, Liam decides to bury himself into his duties at Wildham Hall and to shut the world out and simply concentrate on restoring the grounds to their former splendour. However, Liam’s life is about to be turned on its head once again when he meets Melody, a mute girl who brings to the fore suppressed passions and concealed emotions that drag to the surface his deepest and darkest desires…

Sparks flew from the very first moment Liam and Melody met and as their feelings for one another intensified and led to something far deeper than either one of them imagined, Liam finds himself tested. Having kept a part of himself suppressed for so long, Liam’s new relationship ends up unleashing a torrent of emotions he never thought he would experience ever again. Will old ghosts and past demons continue to hold Liam back and leave him stranded in heartbreak and anguish? Will he find the answers he seeks in the deafening silence? Is Melody the best thing that has ever happened to him? Or will she turn out to be the worst?

Haunting, atmospheric, lyrical and wonderfully written, Grace Lowrie’s In Your Silence is a book that is as difficult to put down as it is to forget. Written with great insight, sensitivity and warmth, In Your Silence is a book that touches the heart and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you find yourself swept away in this powerfully told and emotionally charged tale of redemption, renewal, healing and starting over.

Grace Lowrie’s characters, Liam and Melody, are wonderfully drawn, beautifully realized and so vivid that they leap off the page from the very first moment they appear. They are flawed, realistic, humane and so sublimely sketched that it is impossible not to care about them.

Poignant, heartbreaking and intense, In Your Silence is a first class tale from Grace Lowrie’s outstanding pen.

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