Grace Lowrie, author

Grace Lowrie, author

Having worked as a collage artist, sculptor, prop maker and garden designer, I’ve always been creative, but I’m a romantic introvert at heart and writing was, and is, my first love.

Before We Fall is my second book in The Wildham Series to be published by Accent Press, following Safe With Me, which was released in 2017.

A lover of rock music, art nouveau design, blue cheese and grumpy ginger tomcats, I’m also an avid reader of fiction – preferring coffee and a sinister undercurrent, over tea and chick lit. When not making prop costumes or hanging out with my favourite nephews, I continue to contemporary women’s fiction and romance from my Hertfordshire home.

Grace Lowrie is a talented writer who has penned an unusual, challenging and heartbreaking love story that pushes the envelope and effortlessly juggles pathos, drama and humour without being sentimental or schmaltzy. – Bookish Jottings

Each chapter jumps between Cally and Bay which is superbly done, and the different characteristics of each really jump out. Lowrie has really nailed the voice of both characters. – Bookmark That

Grace Lowrie does a fantastic job building up sexual tension between the three main characters and espousing their intimate liaisons. And yes, it is erotic and spicy. But there is more to it: there is the complexity of the three-way relationship and a decent yarn that takes you to a satisfying finale. – Facebook review

From start to finish Grace had me enraptured with the characters and plot to the point where I did little else but read for three days until I had finished. The descriptions of the characters are so well developed that I could picture them perfectly in my mind, in fact, I almost feel as if I know them personally. – Alice Raine, author of The Untwisted Series.

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