Review of Safe With Me

I’m delighted to be concluding my Safe With Me blog tour with a wonderful review by Linda Green of Books Of All Kinds:

SAFE WITH ME by Grace Lowrie is a story about friendship, love, and strength as the past and present collide with endless possibilities.

Kat and Jamie both grew up in the foster care system, two abandoned children who found each other and provided each other with much-needed love. But when Jamie finds a loving adoptive family, Kat is left alone and bereft. Fast-forward to their adult lives and they could not be more different. Jamie has a successful career and a glamorous girlfriend, and a loving family, but when his dad passes, he is left alone in this world and finds himself pondering on the girl who was there for him all those years ago.

Kat’s life went from bad to worse after she married young to escape the horrors of living on the streets but ended up in a completely different type of hell, with a husband who abuses her daily and works her to the bone. Unsure of how she could ever escape this prison, she has never forgotten the little boy whom she always protected, and wonders what his life is like now.

If only there was some way for them to meet…

SAFE WITH ME by Grace Lowrie has compelling characters, an excellent plot that is both harshly realistic and heartwarmingly optimistic at the same time. My heart broke for Kat and I yearned for her to break free and I desperately wanted Jamie to find that special love that would enable him to take down his barriers. The story is relatively evenly-paced but has some prolonged, more descriptive moments in the later parts of the novel, which may slow it down a little too much for some readers, but which really worked for me.

SAFE WITH ME by Grace Lowrie is an enjoyable read with plenty of drama and romance to keep you entertained from beginning to end.

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