Review of Before We Fall

A huge thank you to Julie of Bookish Jottings for this wonderful review:

Grace Lowrie’s Before We Fall is not your typical contemporary women’s fiction novel. A story about courage, pushing the boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone, Before We Fall is a captivating and enjoyable read that will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

Amateur ballet dancer Cally has always been the quiet one. She has never liked making a fuss and has spent most of her life being sensible, practical and leading a safe life. However, life does have a habit of pulling the rug out from under your feet as she discovers when she is diagnosed with cancer. Having spent her entire life erring on the side of caution and never taking any risks or chances, Cally realises that with time running out, she must experience what real life is like. Time is of the essence and with the future looking so uncertain, she yearns to throw caution to the wind and find out what it’s truly like to live and not merely exist. Realizing that if she continues to live in Wildham she will end up being wrapped in cotton wool, Cally leaves her boyfriend Liam, quits her job in a call centre and waves goodbye to her beige life and heads off to the bright city lights where she is looking for excitement and adventure. But will Cally like what she finds? Or will she find herself yearning for her safe little life in Wildham?

Cally’s quest to live life on the wild side sees her accept a job as a stripper and flat-sitting in the top of an office tower in London where she encounters her neighbour Bay who is as far removed from the men she usually comes across in Wildham as it is possible to get. Rather than have a sensible job, a pension plan and a company car, Bay is a tattooed, drug-taking artist who is plagued by suicidal thoughts. Bay has had his fair share of anguish, grief and heartache, but despite the fact that Cally is not like the women he usually frequents, the two soon strike up a friendship that quickly begins to lead to something more…

While Cally becomes Bay’s muse, Bay begins to push her to try new things and to stop being frightened of experiencing life. As their feelings for one another intensify, Bay and Cally quickly realise that they are falling head over heels in love with one another, but with so many obstacles standing in their way, does their love stand any chance of surviving? Or is their relationship simply not meant to be?

Before We Fall is a sexy, emotional, intense and extraordinary read that will get under your skin and keep you glued to its pages from the get go. Grace Lowrie is a talented writer who has penned an unusual, challenging and heartbreaking love story that pushes the envelope and effortlessly juggles pathos, drama and humour without being sentimental or schmaltzy.

Cally and Bay are fantastic characters. They are believable, flawed, damaged, vulnerable and human and although they are far removed from the typical heroes and heroines in women’s fiction, readers will warm to them and take them to their hearts.

A fantastic book from a talented writer, Grace Lowrie’s Before We Fall is sure to appeal to fans of Jojo Moyes, Julie Cohen and John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

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